Bali has a great potential to start up a profitable and successful business venture. There are still many untapped business areas which will be profitable areas for future investment. Our experts have already conducted market research in Bali and have proven this to be the case.

Bali already has numerous successful businesses including foreign capital. Our company has had many success stories by opening several lucrative businesses in Bali including business with foreign capital.


Our company has many useful resources comprising: extensive knowledge gained over the years, wealth of experience, the necessary government contacts, we know all the local laws that are required to start up a business in Russian and English languages, effective and efficient business plans, and important local procedures necessary to start up a new business.

In essence, we have the means, methods, knowledge, experience and everything else necessary required to set up a private business legally in Bali.

We have a professional team of lawyers, financiers, marketers, recruiters, technical and logistic experts. They will be able to provide with a bespoke plan to suit your specific needs and requirements. Our experts speak fluently in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Russian.

PT Dreamboat is an officially registered company in Indonesia. It is a business consulting company in the field of finance and investment. Outside the field of finance and investment, PT Dreamboat acts as an intermediary agent and services are provided by the official partners of PT Dreamboat.