Dreamboat is a leading business consultant for local and foreign investors in Bali

If you're planning to invest in a business in Bali, Dreamboat is dedicated to helping you find the most promising areas, with maximum profitability for short, medium or long term.

If you want to open a business in Bali, Dreamboat can advise you on legal issues, prepare all necessary documents and represent you in the government and business community.

If you already have a business in Indonesia, Dreamboat will bring it to a new level by conducting comprehensive marketing research and by finding new niches for development. Dreamboat will provide you with marketing, legal and accounting support and devise solutions to improve your business ratings.

Our team of professionals have come together under one roof and combined the traditions of the East and the innovations of the West so that we can give you the best business ideas available. This is the power and uniqueness of Dreamboat.

The mission of our Company, who have been working in Bali since 2009, is to develop new and effective business ideas in current conditions. With our professionalism, transparency and innovative approach, we will help your business to advance to another level.

Dreamboat knows that only real improvement makes real profit. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

PT Dreamboat is an officially registered company in Indonesia. It is a business consulting company in the field of finance and investment. Outside the field of finance and investment, PT Dreamboat acts as an intermediary agent and services are provided by the official partners of PT Dreamboat.